5-W Club
Annual Meeting Minutes
October 15, 1997

Members in attendance at the annual meeting were Mach Burt, Leslie Edwards, Frank Finney Margaret Johns, Don Kemp, Bob McElroy, James Miller, Kathleen Miller, and Clyde Porter.

The meeting was called to order by Bob McElroy, president.

The minutes of the Nov. 1996 meeting were read by Don Kemp, secretary, and were approved as read.

Old business

Clyde Porter and Bob McElroy discussed efforts made to stop the leak at the spill way. The leak has been 90% stopped but there is additional work to be done to complete the repairs. A motion was made by Clyde Porter, seconded by Leslie Edwards, to allocate $2,000.00 for repairs to the spill way. This must be repaired to protect the bridge which is the only way into the 5-W property.

The Treasurer's Report was presented by Don Kemp. There were expenses of $4,340.73 for improvements to the house, repairs to the bridge and to purchase a lawn mower and heaters from Comer Wesson. These extra-ordinary expenses have resulted in a decrease in our cash reserves and Don Kemp said that we will need an assessment before the insurance bill is due in February. Our cash balance at the end of the fiscal year was $1,018.41 with about $3,000.00 due in receivables.

The Lake Report was not presented since Dr. Bill Cobb was unable to attend the meeting. Bob McElroy did mention that we had another cool spring which resulted in early applications of fertilizer having little effect.

Andy White was not present to give the House Report. Andy had sent a letter to all members outlining the projects which had been completed during the year and suggesting other improvements which might be made in the coming year. The new list was discussed and approved with the following changes: the new sofa and recliner, new stand up freezer unit, and new stereo system were dropped; the purchase of new mattresses and box springs at a cost of $1,600.00-$2,000.00 was added. Clyde Porter will check with a mattress manufacturer in Gadsden to see if we can purchase the mattresses wholesale. The appreciation of the membership was expressed to Andy White and Gerald Buckhanon for all of their hard work.

New Business.

Jim Miller made a motion, seconded by Mach Burt to add either cable or a satellite dish for better television reception. It was felt that this might increase use of the lodge and reservation fees. The motion was passed unanimously.

Bob McElroy brought up problems with the location of the power lines to the caretakers home and the lodge. These power lines currently run over the small lake and pose a safety hazard. Bob has talked to Coosa Valley Electric and they have agreed to reroute the lines at their own cost but it may require running the lines along the dam where they would be visible. A motion was made by Leslie Edwards, seconded by Clyde Porter to allow the lines to be moved. The motion was passed unanimously.

Bob McElroy had received a proposal to purchase 1/2 acre of the 5-W property. This property is adjacent to the spring which feeds the lake and after some discussion it was decided that the sale of the property would present too great a risk. Bob will advise the potential buyer that we are not interested in selling.

Bob McElroy requested that members call Gerald Buckhanon to advise him of when they have reservations at the club and also that he be advised when members will be "checking out" so that he can get the house cleaned prior to the arrival of the next guests. Gerald's phone number is

Bob McElroy expressed concern about the safety of battery chargers in the boathouse. He recommended that all members purchase chargers which cut off completely rather than trickle chargers. He also suggested that chargers be placed in metal containers to lower fire risks. Leslie Edwards suggested that timers can be put on the chargers which can be set to cut on only for an hour or so per day.

A motion was made by Mach Burt, seconded by James Miller, to assess each member $500.00 to pay for the improvements and repairs which were approved during the meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


Election of Officers
Current officers were re-elected by acclimation.
President: Bob McElroy
Vice President: Pete Chalk
Secretary/Treasurer: Don Kemp
Appointments were:
House Chairman: Andy White
Lake Chairman: Dr. Bill Cobb

Leslie Edwards moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Kathleen Miller.

Submitted by Don Kemp, Secretary/Treasurer