5-W Club Annual Meeting
December 6, 2000

The 5-W Club annual meeting was called to order by President Pete Chalk. Others in attendance were Bryant Banks, Mach Burt, Drew Campbell, Pete Chalk, Bill Cobb, Leslie Edwards, Charles Huguley, Don Kemp, Bob McElroy, James Miller, Tom Roberts, Charles Robinson, Bill Robison, and Martin Wakefield.

The minutes of the 1999 annual meeting were distributed. Mach Burt moved, seconded by Charles Huguley, that the minutes be approved as written.

Don Kemp, Treasurer, presented the financial report. President Chalk passed out the 1999/2000 budget and said that we should not need to increase dues for the coming year.

James Miller remarked that we had a "spring cleaning" two years ago in which many members participated and suggested that it would be a good idea to have another one this year. Pete Chalk said that he would discuss this with house chairman Andy White.

Dr. Cobb presented the lake report and said that the report is only as good as the information provided by the members when they log in what they have caught. There was a discussion of the services provided by Southeastern Pond. Jame Miller suggested that we talk with them with the regard to procedures being used when the lake is fertilized. He also recommended that we ask them to provide us with a schedule of when they will be at the 5-W so that we can have someone there to observe what is done. Pete Chalk said that he will get a schedule and make sure they are doing what they are supposed to do.

James Miller moved that we continue with Southeastern Pond as long as they give us a schedule to allow us to monitor the program. The motion was seconded by Tom Roberts and passed. It was decided to discontinue the feeding program in the big lake. A schedule will be sent out to the members when it is received from them.

There was no house report since Andy White was not in attendance.

Old business:
Jack Torbert advised that we have been relieved of all responsibility in the law suit brought by Gerald Buckhanon.
It was not recommended to try to harvest any timber at this time.

New business:
We are getting a new heater installed in the room with the TV.

It was suggested that we put together a history of the club.

Charles Robinson said that he would like to donate a chandelier. Pete recommended that decisions of that sort be left to the house committee. A motion was made by Bob McElroy, seconded by Martin Wakefield that any additions to the furniture or fixtures should be approved by the house committee.

Martin Wakefield presented the nominating committee report. Nominations were:
President ­ Clyde Porter, Jr.
Vice President ­ Henry Smith
Secretary/Treasurer ­ Don Kemp
There were no further nominations. All nominees were approved unanimously.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.