5-W Club Annual Meeting

December 10, 2003


The 5-W Club annual meeting was called to order by President Clyde Porter. Others in attendance were Bryant Banks, Mack Burt, Drew Campbell, Pete Chalk, Bill Cobb, Les Edwards, Don Kemp, Bob McElroy, James Miller, Tom Roberts, Bill Robison, Charles Robinson, Henry Smith, and Jack Torbert,.


The minutes of the 2002 meeting were approved as read.


Old Business


Don Kemp, treasurer, presented the financial report. Bill Robison moved, seconded by Mack Burt, that the report be approved. The motion passed unanimously.


Lake chairman, Dr. Bill Cobb presented the lake report. He reported that the fish are slightly larger than last year in the big lake, about the same in the small lake. He also noted that it was difficult to present accurate reports since so many people fail to record their catches.


James Miller moved that bass with a length of less than 15 or about one pound be kept and that larger bass be released. The motion was seconded by Tom Roberts. Large fish which the member wishes to keep for mounting may be kept. The motion passed unanimously.


House chairman, Charles Robinson reported that the house is in good shape, as good as it has been since he has been a member. Charles recommended that a hood be installed above the stove, vented through the roof. Robinson also said that he would like to schedule a work day for members to clean the house.


A motion was made by Mack Burt, seconded by James Miller, to spend up to $500 to install a hood over the stove. The motion passed unanimously


Don Kemp reported that the insurance company has paid the club $5,744 for hail damage to the roofs of the clubhouse and boathouse. They will pay another $2,500 if the repairs equal $9,255 within 6 months of the date of the claim. February 23, 2004 is the date by which the repairs need to be completed.


Tom Roberts will check on replacing the rotting siding on the boat house.


New Business


Charles Robinson moved, seconded by Drew Campbell, that we add area calling to our telephone service. The motion passed unanimously.


Mack Burt moved, seconded by James Miller, that the club reimburse Dr. Cobb $191.00 which he spent to replace a boat motor which was damaged while spreading fertilizer in the lake. The motion passed unanimously.


Bill Robison moved, seconded by Mack Burt, that the club spend up to $300 for a motor and charger for the boat on the small lake. The motion passed unanimously.


Nominating committee chairman, Tom Roberts, presented the nominating committee report. Nominations were:


President: Henry Smith

Vice President: Bryant Banks

Secretary/Treasurer: Don Kemp


There being no further nominations, Tom Roberts moved, seconded by Pete Chalk, that the nominations be closed and that the nominees be elected. The motion passed unanimously.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Don Kemp, Secretary/Treasurer