5-W Club Annual Meeting

October 26, 2005


The 5-W Club annual meeting was called to order by President Henry Smith. Others in attendance were Bill Cobb, Bill Couch, Leslie Edwards, Don Kemp, Bob McElroy, James Miller, Charles Robinson and Jack Torbert.


The minutes of the 2004 meeting were approved as read.


Old Business


Lake chairman, Dr. Bill Cobb presented the lake report. He reported that there were 3,202 bream caught versus 3,989 last year, and that the weight per bream increased from .39# to .399#. The total number of bass caught was 1,316 versus 518 last year. The average weight of the bass decreased from one pound to .517#. The cause of the decrease in weight is likely because bass larger that 15Ó were released back into the lake. There was almost no fishing at the small lake, with only two entries on the fishing log.


Don Kemp, treasurer, presented the financial report. Income for the year was $24,203 and expenses were $$32,384.56. Included in this was $5,485 for painting, screening, and repairs to the exterior of the house. The income figures do not include $3,600 in dues receivable. We also have payables of $2,985 for the painting of the house. The total cost of the painting was included in the expenses.


Kemp reported that in view of anticipated increases in electricity and butane gas, plus the increases in caretaker salary, increases in Ad Valorlem taxes, and increased Direct TV services and phone services decided on last year, our expenses are likely to continue to outpace our income. Kemp recommended that dues be increased $25 per month, to $375.00 per quarter.


A motion was made by Jack Torbert, seconded by James Miller, to increase dues to $375 per quarter. The motion passed unanimously.


A motion was made by James Miller, seconded by Jack Torbert to utilize the services of Southeastern Pond Management once per year to analyze the lake and make recommendations on lake management to the club. Bill Couch stated that the cost of this service would be $600. Couch did not recommend using them for fertilizing the lake. He suggested that when they electro-shock that all members who are able to watch them do it, because this gives you an excellent idea of what fish we have in the lake. They will come back to present the analysis and suggestions on steps to be taken. The motion passes unanimously.


House Chairman, Charles Robinson, discussed several projects which may need to be addressed in the coming year, including furniture repair, inside painting, repairs on the boathouse, and paving of the caretakerŐs driveway.



New Business


Election of Officers. Bryant Banks was nominated for president, James Miller was nominated as vice president, Don Kemp was nominated for Secretary-Treasurer. There were no further nominations, and the officers were elected by acclamation. Charles Robinson was appointed as house chairman and Bill Cobb was appointed as lake chairman.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Don Kemp, Secretary/Treasurer