5-W Club Annual Meeting

December 12, 2006



The 5-W Club annual meeting was called to order by President Bryant Banks. Others in attendance were Mack Burt, Bill Couch, Drew Campbell, Charlie Huguley, Don Kemp, Bob McElroy, James Miller, and Henry Smith.


The minutes of the 2005 meeting were read. A motion was made by Charlie Huguley, seconded by James Miller, to approve the minutes, and the minutes were approved unanimously.


The financial report was presented by Secretary/Treasurer Don Kemp. There was a discussion of the heating and gas bill, of the cost of the caretakerŐs house, insulation, the trailer belonging to GeraldŐs son which is hooked up to the clubs power, and the possibility of installing a heat pump. James Miller was appointed committee chairman to investigate the situation with regard to the caretakerŐs house.


The financial report was approved.


Bill Couch brought up the possibility of putting a pump in the lake to reduce fire insurance cost. The Ohatchee Fire Department doesnŐt have a truck which could pump the water. Bryant Banks will check into whether it would make sense to put in a pump, and whether a higher deductible would save much money.


Bill Couch was appointed the new lake chairman. Bill reported that only one of the feeders is working. He said that he will go to Southeastern Pond and learn how to fix them. He reported that they charge $650 to check the lake, but we can save $200 if we eliminate the written report. He suggested that we shoot the large turtles and carp so that the bream will feed at the feeders. The next survey will be done in mid to late March.


Couch said that we need to catch the little bass and remove them from the lake. All bass smaller than 14Ó should be removed. He suggested that we could try making a trophy beam lake and a trophy bass lake by putting the small bass in the small lake, to create a trophy bream lake of it.


Charlie Huguley moved, seconded by Drew Campbell, that we electrofish longer to remove more of the small bass.


Charles Robinson was appointed house chairman. It was suggested that we fix the ice maker and fix the shower in the large bathroom. The shower in the small bathroom leaks and need to be repaired. It was suggested that the house chair needs to enforce that needed repairs are made, and that a Ňto doÓ list be made and taken care of by the caretaker.


There was a general discussion of allowing family members to come without the member, and of adding members. The current rules were not changed.


James Miller suggested that we have an annual members party.


Bill Couch suggested that the club buy a nice gas grill. He said that the caretaker should make sure there is charcoal, gas, and starter logs on hand. The house chairman should talk to Gerald about taking care of the grill.


A motion was made by Couch, seconded by Huguley that the gas grill and the charcoal grill be fixed or replaced, that the caretaker clean up the grill, and that he makes sure that propane gas and starter logs are kept on hand. The motion passed unanimously.


There was a short discussion about fixing the wall on the boathouse.


A motion to adjourn was made by Mack Burt, and the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,




Don Kemp, Secretary/Treasurer