Revised 11/6/96


(As taken from by-laws, Minutes and discussions at meetings)

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each member to inform all members of his family to abide by all of the following rules of the club.


A. Since the beginning of 5-W, the charter members had an understanding that the membership of 20 members would be equally shared by Gadsden and Anniston areas and that vacancies would be filled by vote of the remaining nine members of the group where a vacancy occurs.
B. That due to death or otherwise, a membership can be transferred to the surviving spouse or to an adult child without this membership being considered vacant. If a transfer of the above type is not made within 90 days, then the membership is to be declared vacant and shall be filled by the proper procedure.
C. In case a vacant membership is not filled within a reasonable time (approximately 60 to 75 days) this vacancy may be filled by the group of the other city, making the ratio 11 to 9, which will be equalized again to a 10 to 10 ratio when the next vacancy occurs among the 11 membership group.
D. Membership is defined as holder of membership (husband and wife). All unmarried children living with them have same club privileges.
E. Unmarried children of members (as above) using any of club facilities after 6 p.m. (dark) must be accompanied (full time of stay) by parents, no substitutions and no exceptions.
F. Member or member of family, as defined in "D" above, must be present and on the property with any guests for fishing, reservations, parties or for any purpose.
G. NO fishing permits or club privileges can be extended by a member to "other people or organizations."
H. Outside guests are not to be invited to Club business meetings.


A. Abide by any current rule as posted by club; which could cover changes as needed due to re-stocking or to keeping lakes in "balance".
B. No minnows may be used in fishing in the lake.

A. A member may have two reservations on file at the same time. One can be for up to three consecutive days, including a weekend. The other can be for a weekday. It is against the rules to have two weekend reservations on file at the same time.
B. Reservations not canceled 48 hours in advance will be charged for the uncanceled reservation at the rate of $6.25 winter and $3.75 summer.
C. Reservations begin at 12:00 noon and end at 12:00 noon.
D. Lodge must be vacated and left properly cleaned up and orderly by 12:00 noon to be ready for use by other members.
E. Members are personally responsible for leaving lodge and grounds properly cleaned up and orderly at end of each reservation or party. (It is not caretaker's job to wash dishes, tend fires, make beds or to render personal services of any sort). Dogs are not allowed in the clubhouse at any time. The back bathroom (near the kitchen) cannot be reserved and is available to any member even if the house is reserved.
G. Member should notify caretaker in advance of reservation, so that guests can be admitted to club grounds.
H. The lodge cannot be reserved for parties other than those given by a member, or by a member on behalf of an organization to which he belongs. Member must be present until group leaves and be responsible for leaving lodge and grounds in clean condition. Personal parties with over 50 people are allowed as long as member is present and agrees that he is personally responsible for any and all damage done to club property and uses his own good judgment in inviting responsible groups only. The Lodge cannot be used for large parties such as industrial or corporate organizations, company parties, Quarterback Club, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, etc., but it does not limit personal parties such as weddings, Christmas parties, church groups, etc., to 50 people.
I. Reservations of lodge shall be $15.00 per day for reservations with or without guests. If staying overnight, beds shall be charged for at rate of $3.00 per bed for each and every night used.
J. Minimum charge for organizational groups such as Scouts, Sunday School groups and office parties, etc., is $25.00 which includes first 25 guests. Above this number the charge is $1.00 per person. For private use other than organizations the charge is $.25 per person above 10 on daytime reservations.
K. Members shall make reservation with secretary and shall pay any charges owed within thirty (30) days after reservation is used.
L. Club dues must be paid within 30 days after the bill is sent to the members.
M. Members are responsible for any long distance phone calls charged to Club by himself or member of his party.
N. (Except for Emergencies) No phone calls are to be made from caretaker's house after 9:30 p.m. (Their bedtime)


A. Hunting of ducks on lake is open to members and their guests.
B. No hunting of squirrels is permitted near lodge or caretaker's house.
C. Killing of any type birds not permitted on club property (except game birds in season).
D. No firing of guns after dark on club property.
E. Rifles larger than .22 cal NOT allowed at any time.
F. Shooting on lake is allowed other than near lodge or caretaker's house. Skeet shooting is allowed at Little Lake only. Both are allowed only if no boats are on the lakes, so the danger of ricocheting ammunition will be avoided.


A. Caretaker's phone - Gerald Buckhanon - 892-2628 in Ohatchee, AL
B. During each winter season, water is turned off and commodes are drained and filled with anti-freeze in the lodge. This prevents freezing of plumbing. Members having reservations during this period should contact caretaker in advance to have water service restored and anti-freeze drained from plumbing.
C. For reservations, phone 236-6396 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.