5-W Club
Special Membership Meeting
February 23, 1999

A special membership meeting of the members of the 5-W Club was held on February 23, 1999. Members in attendance were Pete Chalk, President, Mach Burt, Leslie Edwards, Charles Huguley, Margaret Johns, Don Kemp, James Miller, Clyde Porter, Tom Roberts, Henry Smith, Jack Torbert, and Andy White.

Pete Chalk began the meeting by complimenting Margaret Johns, Henry Smith, Clyde Porter, Charles Huguley, Martin Wakefield, and James Miller on the work that has been done on the clubhouse and road.

Copies of the minutes were passed around to all members. A motion to approve the minutes as written was made by Jack Torbert, and approved unanimously.

Jack Torbert reported on the lawsuit. He has filed a motion for a summary judgement and believes the case will be dismissed. Jack thinks that they will sue the concrete company rather than re-filing against the club.

Pete Chalk presented a list of job duties for the caretaker to see if anyone had any additions to make. He requested that members let the caretaker know when they make reservations. The club will purchase an answering machine for him.

Andy White reported on projects. There is a lot which he would like to see accomplished. He wants to get everyone out to paint, clean up the grounds, wash windows, clean floors, etc. on March 20. He requested that members bring their own tools.

A soil survey was done on the lake and it was determined that we need to put lime in the lake. The cost to lime the lake will be about $1,400

Tom Roberts reported that there are cracks and holes in the horizontal spillway. He said that he feels that it can be repaired for about $1,000. He stated that we need to determine what the problem is and then proceed. Approval was given to proceed with the repair and $1000 was budgeted for this purpose.

Jack Torbert was asked to follow up on an umbrella policy to be added to our insurance policy. It was voted not to include Worker's Compensation insurance in the insurance package. It was requested that Jack see if an umbrella policy would cover employees.

Clyde Porter said that he would follow up on thinning of the pine trees that he planted 20 years ago.

The 1999 budget and proposed projects were reviewed in detail. The proposed budget was approved and an assessment of $337 per member was approved.

Our present insurance coverage was reviewed and a proposal to increase liability coverage from $200,000 to $1,000,000 and to increase hazard insurance on the building from $100,000 to $200,000 was approved. An assessment of $117 per member to pay for the increased insurance cost was approved.

A motion to increase the total assessment from $454 to $500 was made by Clyde Porter and seconded by Margaret Johns. The motion was passed unanimously.

Pete Chalk reported that Ely Henderson (road commissioner) has issued a purchase order to resurface Eagle Cove Road from Highway 77 to the 5-W Club gate.

Pete complimented Gerald Buckhanon on his work, electrical and plumbing skills. Without his help in these areas our costs would have been much higher.

It was the consensus of members that Christmas trees did not hurt the lake but that they should not have markers tied to the trees.

There was no further business and a motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Leslie Edwards.